Version 1.2  Change Log

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Wiiji is the perfect joystick solution for Wii remotes on Mac.

With Wiiji, your Wii remotes will appear as ordinary joysticks to any application that supports joystick input. It does this through a kernel extention.

If your favorite game doesn't support joysticks, Wiiji can emulate keyboard input, too.

It runs conveniently in your menu bar.

Wiiji Does:

Wiiji Doesn't (Yet):

How to use it:

Note to 10.4 users:

The Wii remote search doesn't work well in 10.4.
It helps if you go to System Preferences > Bluetooth > Devices, and delete the Nintendo RVL-CNT-01 items.
Wiiji is compatible with Osculator's "perfect-pairing." If you have that installed, it will help. Wiiji will have it's own method of perfect-pairing soon!

Feature/Bug Todo:


Wiiji is developed by Taylor Veltrop ( on a MacOS 10.5 Leopard MacBook, and a 10.4 Tiger Powerbook Pismo with G4 upgrade card and 3rd party Bluetooth.
It was tested with MAME OSX and Nestopia.
Special thanks to the Darwiin Remote team for putting the WiiRemote.Framework together.
Wiiji's source and binaries are hosted on SourceForge.
Wiiji, VirtualHID, and this website are Copyright (c) 2008 Taylor Veltrop. Please check the license.
Wii is a trademark of Nintendo.

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